Mexico And Middle East Buying ‘Record Amounts’ Of US Natural Gas 

Daily Caller| Andrew Follett

US LNG exports to the Middle East and Mexico have hit a record high.

The only liquid natural gas (LNG) export facility in the U.S. sold a record amount of gas to Mexico and the Middle East last month, according to data from the energy firm Platts Analytics. Thanks to production gains attributable to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” the Louisiana facility went from exporting 0.941 billion cubic meters of natural gas in November, to 1.476 billion cubic meters in January — an increase of almost 57 percent, according to the firm. The facility’s biggest customers are Mexico, the Middle East and India, which account for a 41 percent of its business. Mexico relies on natural gas to generate 60 percent of its electricity. The Middle East is also using natural gas to meet soaring electricity demand. Countries like Kuwait and Dubai are some of the largest importers of U.S. gas. Demand for LNG is also rising in Asia, with the first gas shipment from U.S. fracking arriving in Japan last month.

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