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  • Energy Sector Gains Having Spillover Effect for Texas
    March 27, 2017
    UPI | Daniel J. Graeber Energy sector recovery is having a positive impact on other parts of the economy in Texas, an analyst at the Dallas Fed reported. Gains in the energy sector are spilling over into other parts of the economy, with manufacturing getting some secondary support, a Texas economist said. Keith R. Phillips, a senior ...
  • Drillers Lock in Higher Oil Prices in Surge of Hedging 
    March 27, 2017
    Houston Chronicle | Collin Eaton Falling commodity prices have not affected the continued growth in U.S. oil production. The oil market’s recent tumble below $50 a barrel won’t stop U.S. drillers from pumping more crude even as OPEC and other major producers work to drain the world’s oil glut. Dozens of U.S. oil companies, including the Houston ...
  • U.S. Rig Count Climbs by 20 in 10th Weekly Increase
    March 24, 2017
    Houston Chronicle | Collin Eaton Rig count rose for the 10th consecutive week, including rigs added to the Eagle Ford Shale region. Drillers put 20 oil and gas rigs back into U.S. fields this week, marking the 10th consecutive weekly increase in the nation’s rig count. The increase brought the U.S. drilling fleet to 809, just about ...

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