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Oil prices rebound as U.S., China trade tensions ease for now

MarketWatch | Myra Saefong U.S. prices are beginning to rise with news that U.S.-China tensions are lessening and in anticipation of the EIA Short-Term Outlook coming out this week. Oil prices settled higher Monday, to […]

Oil Drillers See Profits Continuing

date March 29, 2018
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24/7 Wall St.| Paul Ausick Favorable market conditions combined with greater operational efficiency sees profits rise for shale oil companies.  If crude oil prices remain above $55 a barrel this year (as they are expected […]

Infrastructure investments key to unlocking more US oil supply

date March 28, 2018
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 – 03.28.18 Modern Diplomacy | Olivier Lejeune As shale oil leads the U.S. towards being the world’s leading producer, continued investment will help reach markets.  The United States is on pace to becoming the world’s […]

Oil companies push U.S. drilling to pace last seen in 2015

date March 23, 2018
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Bloomberg | Bailey Schulz Increasing production levels and drilling activity show rising confidence among U.S. oil companies. Crude companies boosted drilling activity in U.S. oil fields to levels not seen in three years amid rising […]

How the Shale Boom Has Kept the U.S. Afloat

Bloomberg | Justin Fox Shale oil production is having a positive impact on U.S. trade balance. The U.S. current account deficit grew a bit at the end of last year, to $128.2 billion in the […]

U.S. Shale Drillers To Become Profitable For The First Time | Nick Cunningham Rising demand and prices will spur U.S. shale companies towards a record year of profitability. U.S. oil companies have stepped up their hedging for 2018 production, locking in sales at higher […]

Oil rig count back up to even 800

Houston Chronicle | Jordan Blum The U.S. oil rig count continues to tick up driven by West Texas shale production. Oil-drilling activity ticked up across much of the country this week with multiple rigs added […]

Oil prices rise, helped by signs of growing demand

date March 15, 2018
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MarketWatch | Christopher Alessi Global oil demand is expected to grow by 1.5 million bpd in 2018 according to the IEA. Oil prices moved higher Thursday, as investors weighed signs of growing global oil demand […]

U.S. shale oil will surge to nearly 7 million barrels a day in April: Dept. of Energy forecast

date March 13, 2018
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CNBC | Tom DiChristopher After CERAWeek last week, overall industry positivity has grown. U.S. shale drillers have locked in higher prices for almost half of the oil they plan to pump this year, with oil […]

U.S. shale output seen hitting record 6.95 million bpd in April – EIA

Reuters | Staff In April, the Eagle Ford could see gains of 23,000 bpd to 1.3 million bpd. U.S. crude production from major shale formations is expected to rise by 131,000 barrels per day in […]