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    Sanchez Energy Corporation (NYSE: SN) is an independent exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional oil resources in the onshore U.S. Gulf Coast, with a current focus on the Eagle Ford Shale.

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  • Eagle Ford Shale

    The Eagle Ford Shale play is rich with resources and promises high productivity for a long time to come. Sanchez Energy Corporation maintains a significant presence here.

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  • Environmental Responsibility

    Sanchez Energy Corporation takes great initiative to keep our environmental footprint as transparent as possible. We don’t just drill in Texas, we live here.

Eagle Ford Shale

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The Eagle Ford Shale trend covers 11 million acres from the Texas/Mexico border in South Texas to East Texas near Louisiana and is nearly 1/16th  of the size of the entire state of Texas. The depth ranges of the shale range from 4,000 feet to 14,000 feet and contains black oil, volatile oil, condensate, and dry gas. Industry has significantly de-risked the play and has defined 4 different commercial boundaries.

This area is unique in its capacity to produce more of both gas and oil than other shale areas, and is also distinct in its percentage of carbonate making it a more brittle environment and thus an excellent candidate for fracing.

Sanchez Energy Corporation has 120,000 net leasehold acres in the oil and condensate, or black oil and volatile oil, windows of the Eagle Ford Shale divided into three project areas: Palmetto, Marquis and Cotulla.

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